January 29, 2011

OOTD (such a gloomy day)

Today was kind of gloomy, so I decided to wear florals to brighten at least myself up. We just went shopping at a couple of used book stores, grabbed dinner and then went to Target. They keep cats at the book stores and one jumped on me and tried to curl himself around my neck like a kitty scarf. I'm not really a cat person, but it was really funny (at least until I started freaking out that I couldn't figure out how to put him down again, lol).

I don't think anything I'm wearing is all that recent. The dress is from Target.com last year, the cardigan is from Old Navy, the belt is from Rainbow, the boots from DSW and the tights I just found in a drawer one day and have nooooo idea where they came from (I mean I know they're mine and I bought them, but when and where is a mystery)

Earrings and hair flower are both from Forever 21. My bff likes to shop there whenever we go to the mall. The accessories are the only things that fit me in that store, though. I wish anywhere near me would get a Faith 21 (I know it's Forever 21+ now, but I think that was a sucky name change on their part). Because of the lack of brick and mortar stores selling plus size clothing in my area, I am an online shopping queen. 

Most of my makeup is Make Up For Ever (with Urban Decay liner in Electric) I'm not going to do a full break down since this isn't a FOTD post really.

Aaaaand this is scarf kitty. If you compare him to the books, he's a pretty big kitty to be just chilling on my shoulders. He never put out his claws or anything, though, so you could tell he liked me and trusted I wasn't going to drop him. 

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  1. I love this outfit! Looks perfect for a gloomy day. The earrings are SO cute. I don't do much shopping at F21 either but I'm starting to think I should stop in occasionally for cheap accessories. I've only been twice!

    You have such beautiful eyes. I'm envious of your makeup application! I'm awful at it, ha.