February 3, 2011

My hair is too hennalicious for you baby

A few weeks ago I noticed my hair had some maaaaajor roots showing, but I have been lacking money to get more henna. I get mine from Mehandi.com as they sell body art quality henna with no additives. This means it's good for my hair (it makes it nice and soft!) and should I ever use chemical dye on my hair in the future, my hair won't fry off making me bald. Nice, right?

For those who have henna'd before, it's NOT a quick or clean process. You have to mix the henna the night before and then after the messy application, it has to sit for several hours to fully do its thing. I figured since I'm just sitting around waiting, I would document the process so far. The only thing that's left is to rinse and then my results, but I'll save the results for another post.

Here are my roots. I think it's more than an inch which is kind of cool as that means I've had a lot of growth in only about a month (I last henna'd right after Christmas) It totally looked stupid if I had my hair down and parted, though.

This is my mixed henna. It looks pretty gross, right? I think the smell is tolerable, though not my favorite. I added ground clove in this time around as it made it smell a bit better and supposedly it helps the color become more vivid when it sets in. Clove is supposedly a little irritating to the scalp, so the henna site said it might not be for everyone. I've had mine in for over an hour now and no itch/hurting so far!

Here I am applying. Unlike your run of the mill box dye, henna is pretty thick. It was about toothpaste consistency when I put it in. That means it doesn't seep through layers of hair like a chemical dye would. You have to smear this stuff in layer by layer and really work it in. The henna site says it's like frosting a cake. You have to make sure to get every crevice and thicker is always better (I agree, mmm frosting, lol)

Don't worry, I got it off my forehead right after this picture. The thing about henna is it STAINS skin (especially hands). It's the same thing they use to do the intricate hand designs, so wear gloves lest you want to be orangey/brown for quite a while. As you can see, I got some on my shoulder and chest. Hope I got it off soon enough!

Yummy! When you're done applying, it's time to plastic wrap your head nice and tight like leftovers going in the fridge. I just take the roll out of the box and circle my head until it's all covered. This keeps the henna on your hair, but also keeps the moisture in. If you let too much air hit it, it's going to get all crunchy and crumble off your hair (which means it's not setting the color in)

And this is where we end. I'm just chillin' and watching Zoolander while I wait to rinse. Unfortunately my only option was to do this when I got home tonight, which means I put it in at 9pm-ish and will need to stay up until 1am-ish to rinse. I wanted to get it done tonight, though, as it takes a few days for the color to relax and become the real tone that your hair is going to stay. I want my hair looking nice for Valentine's Day even though I'm not even going to be doing anything because I have to work all day. I can still be vain about it if I want, though!

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