February 19, 2011

Yours Clothing (a review)

The back story to my order is at the beginning of the year, my beloved jeggings ripped. I sewed them up, but then they ripped again, in a new spot, while I was in the middle of work. I had to spend the day with one of my thighs poking through the leg of my pants. How embarrassing! I had actually ordered said jeggings from Yours Clothing and they really didn't owe me anything at that point. I decided that since they served me so well, my next pair of jeggings would be from Yours as well.

I ordered on 1/12 and, from my last experience, expected delivery to take a couple of weeks. When that passed and nothing had shown up, I emailed and spoke with Stacey who ask me to give it a couple of more weeks and let them know if anything came. I did so and still nothing, so I emailed again. Stacey apologized for the inconvenience and said she would put a full refund back to my card. I believe this was last weekend I received this message from her. Then, this past Thursday, the order finally showed up! The package looked well traveled (ie - I think someone TKO'd it in the third round), but the contents were just fine. I let Stacey know so that she could stop/reverse the refund. I would like to say the customer service I received was excellent, though. All replies were prompt and professional. I wouldn't have hesitated to order from Yours Clothing again, but Stacey just really made it a good experience in the end.

So far I have only worn the new jeggings once and the top and shrug I have only tried on. I find that everything I order from the UK seems to run a little large, so I actually buy my same size UK as I do US (even though the UK size really equates to something like 4 sizes smaller in US) Everything seems to be good quality and I am very happy with my purchase. So here is what I got! (stock photos are via Yours, the not so great photos are mine, lol)

The stock photo on the jeggings was very true to life as far as color and how they look worn. Unlike other skinny jeans and jeggings I have tried on, these really do give the true "painted on" jegging effect (which I like, though it may not be everyone's cup of hot cocoa) This pair is more stretchy and less jeans-like than my last pair, but I do really love them. I wore them out last night to go shopping with my brother.

I don't own many sparkly items and this tube top was on sale, so I figured what the heck. The one thing I didn't take into consideration is I am much bustier than the model in the stock photo, so the ruffled layers are going to take a little more work to get to lay right. All the same, for the price of the top I am not going to act disappointed about something that was my mis-judging anyway. 

Since this shrug is no longer available (another sale/close out item), I couldn't get the stock photo that shows the back of it. As you can see from my picture, though, it has a neat lace back (and I do love me some lace, even if I do constantly ruin everything putting my fingernails through it) I did try on the shrug today and it fits well. I was looking for something different than the bajillion cardigans I have. Sometimes you just don't want buttons, you know? 

And that's it! I didn't think about it when I bought them, but all these things together would actually make a pretty good outfit. See? This is my bad attempt at showing them all together, lol.

My final thoughts are: The arrival of my items took longer than I thought, but I blame the Postal Service for that obviously (and after a few incidents, the Postal Service and I aren't friends any more anyway). Yours Clothing has some neat options and great customer service. They are definitely someone I will shop with in the future.

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