March 1, 2011

And the winners are...

No, not the Oscar winners. I turned that stupid show on for literally 2 minutes and the only part I saw was Natalie Portman winning. Oh how I dislike Natalie Portman... And don't ask why, I just don't for some reason. Most things I like and dislike are for no other reason than, "Because."

Anyway, point is my glasses are heeeeeeeeeere! Thank you to all who took the time to pick a pair or two. I think the ones that I bought were high on the votes list and I agreed! Zenni Optical impressed me again with the order being made accurately and shipped quickly. I also think the try on feature was a great addition and helped me out a lot. I wasn't really 100% thrilled with how my last glasses looked with my particular features. These ones are much better suited for me (I think). So here are your top two winners!

I apologize (somewhat) for my weirdo photos and lack of posting. My boyfriend had surgery a couple of weeks ago and I got sick from being in the waiting room. When I was almost better from that, I got sick AGAIN because now everyone at work is sick. Then again I make the same faces when I'm not sick, so I guess I take the part back about the photos and only apologize for the lack of posts.

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