March 18, 2011

Review - Sugarpill

This review is part a look at Sugarpill as a company and part a look at a couple of products. This all started last Saturday while I was sitting around checking out some of my favorite blogs. Christine of Temptalia did a review of a few of Sugarpills Chromalusts (which is the Sugarpill name for a loose shadow, I think it sounds really cool, though) One of the shadows reviewed was called Paperdoll and it's a pretty lilac purple color. I love me some purples, so I had actually picked this up back when it fist came out BUT and big but, I could never quite get it to work for me. When I would put it on (especially wet, which seems to be the recommended way to use it) it kind of just crumbled off leaving a sheer matte wash. As Christine's swatches looked so much more sparkly, I inquired about her secret. Turns out this color had actually been reformulated not too long ago, and hers was of the newer batch. It was good information to have, it's nice to see companies will take an ok product that fell a little short and try and make it a great product. What I didn't expect, though, was a follow-up email from Miss Shrinkle herself, Amy! I'll admit it made me a little giddy, she's kind of like a celebrity, lol. She offered to send me a new jar of Paperdoll to try out and also got me a new jar of Birthday Girl (cupcakey pink) as that was another shade I'd bought which she'd reformulated.

My package arrived to me yesterday mid-Inglot swatches. As always, it's exciting to see the white box with the little blue cat on it in my mailbox. I hopped right on pictures and swatching. Without further delay...

Old jar left, new jar right. While similar, you can see where the new one looks a little smoother and has some more shimmer.

I don't think the dry swatches really do this one justice. New is top, old is bottom.

Again, old left, new right. I had a rough time photographing this one, the shimmer kept blinding the camera. I never claimed to be a photographer in any sense of the word.

I do think the dry swatches on this one better show what I was talking about with Paperdoll. See how the bottom one, a lot of the shimmer just dropped right off? Definitely a great improvement on the new batch.

These swatches are over a still-tacky base. Still new on top, old on the bottom. Paperdoll definitely shines through with the base I think. Please don't mind that you can see my Inglot swatches underneath. I'm working with only one arm I can swatch on and space was getting tight.

My final impression is the new formulations are definitely a success and if you happen to stumble across my blog again Amy, thank you!! I felt a little bad saying I was disappointed in the first batch, I probably overkilled apologizing as I didn't want seem like I was badmouthing the product! Turned out her friends (who were her test subjects before releasing the original run) were the same and didn't tell her they weren't digging the texture until it was too late. I guess it goes to show that honesty is best, especially when you're testing something before it's sent into production! lol

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

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