April 12, 2011

Review - Milani Eye Tech Liquid Liner

A couple of weekends ago, I picked up Milani's Eye Tech liquid liner as part of a buy one get one 50% off deal at CVS. Really I was getting desperate for a black liquid liner and figured why not since I was there anyway. I have used it a few times within the time since. You can see in this picture (previously posted) that it gave a decent enough line and wing. Not bad I was thinking. Then it got bad. I went to use the liner a couple of days ago for this post and the thing just stopped. Like nothing was happening. I didn't have time to mess with it again until today and figured out the problem...

Oh noes! Streaky and almost invisible line, what's going on??

Oh, I see. Perhaps the product works better when the tip -doesn't- fall right out of the pen. Perhaps. You can see on the tip of my finger where I touched the base of the felt tip. There was plenty of product on it, but it won't flow through.

And to boot, not too waterproof (not that I am sure this was supposed to be) All I did was use a little spit (because I'm classy) and it was gone, though. I mean even non-waterproof doesn't usually come off THAT easy.

So my verdict on this one is that is was not even worth the 50% off price for the 2 uses I got out of it. That is not to say that Milani is all together bad. I actually rather like some of what they make, especially for the drugstore price. The blue liner I bought the same day (brush applicator, not a felt tip) is working great and I am quite happy with that one. If I were a true beauty blogger (which I'm not, I'm just a whatever blogger) I would give this item a B+ for an out of the gate score and then a fall to a D- (I can't say F, I mean it worked twice, right?)

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