May 14, 2011

The Mascara Chronicles (part 1)

I decided to do a new "feature" for this blog to both showcase my love of mascara (it's my #1 most needed beauty product) and share with you my thoughts on different formulas. I've been buying a lot of the mascara samplers from Sephora just so I can try a little of everything. Each post will look at the same aspects of each mascara tried. Hopefully this will help some of you who haven't been able to find your own favorite!

I will start by explaining a little about my own lashes. My upper lashes are fairly long and have a decent curl, but they are very light compared to my hair. From a distance, I've been told I almost look like I don't have lashes (or eyebrows, but that's another story) My lower lashes I do not usually put makeup on or acknowledge. I was born with a clump of lashes missing under one eye and because of the unevenness, I actually appreciate having "invisilashes" on the bottom. Mascaras that fit my bill would need to darken, add a little thickness and last my whole day (because I'm too lazy to reapply) Here are my lashes post shower, pre-makeup:

Now on to the first mascara I want to review, Korres Abyssinia Oil Volumizing Mascara.

The manufacturer claims:

"Volumizing mascara with Abyssinia Oil, for lush, incredible dramatic look."

The product:

The wand on this mascara is fairly small, but shape wise is the typical shape (fluffs out in the middle and tapers at the end) I found this wand did not hold excessive product when pulled out of the tube, nor did it hold too little. I usually go back for more product between eyes and that was the case with this wand.

My initial results were definitely darker, lengthened, more dramatic lashes. There was no noticeable clumping. I did not need to go back over my lashes with my metal lash comb (sometimes it is needed to get off excess product or separate where the formula caused clumping)

This second photo is after about 18 hours of wear. At no point did I touch up/reapply this mascara. I really wanted to check its staying power as I often will work a full day and then go right out for the night from work. There is no time to touch up, so I am in need of something that will get some serious wear time. I believe this particular formula did a fantastic job and, to me, looks just the same as when I first applied it. I will also say that I took a nap in this mascara and did not wind up with any transfer under my eyes.

My conclusion:

I would definitely recommend this mascara. I do find it lives up to the manufacturer claims and the fact that Korres is a brand that boasts natural formulations makes me feel like this is a "healthy" product for my lashes. I did not have any breakage that I could tell while using this product. 

Currently you can buy this mascara through the Korres website for $7 for the mini or through Sephora for $20 for a full-size (though it looks like they're only carrying brown, mine was black)

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