May 29, 2011

The Mascara Chronicles (part 3)

For today's post we will be taking a peeksie at Sephora Lash Stretcher mascara. 

The manufacturer claims:

Sephora Brand Lash Stretcher is like false lashes in a tube. This innovative formula places fibers at the top of your natural lashes, creating epic effects. A patented, curved brush lifts and curls the lashes for a wow-worthy, wide-eyed look.

The product:

Like a dummyface, I photographed the brush on this one from the least helpful angle. It's about the same circumference from bottom to top, but it curves. It's not all that innovative, but I do usually like curved brushes better. I found the applicator pulled out enough product at once to complete one "coat" on each side without having a lot of excess or clumps of product on the brush.

My initial application resulted in nicely coated and colored lashes. I do think I saw an improvement in length and width. There was no clumping and it took little effort to get my lashes separated and looking as you see,

After a good 12 hours of wear, I saw little change in how my lashes looked from the beginning of the day. I honestly can't remember what I did the day I took these pictures, but it was likely a full day of work and then out for the evening for dinner and shopping. As I cut up the bottom of my foot pretty bad a few weeks back, I am yet to be able to take any of these mascaras for a gym test. 

My conclusion:

I'm not sure I would call my results "false lashes," but then again I don't think any mascara on natural lashes will ever make me think falsies. The results were most definitely dramatic and pleasing, though, and it does definitely produce a wide-eyed effect to complete your look (or in my case most days, it's IS the entire look, lol) I also am not sure about this whole fiber placement thing, it applies just like any other "normal" mascara (meaning it's not like a tubing mascara or anything like that) 

Lash Stretcher mascara is currently available through Sephora at $15 for a full size tube. The one I have came in one of their sampler sets. I don't see such a size is available for sale alone, nor does their current sampler look like it has this particular formula in it. If you're interested, though, keep an eye out as they change what comes in the samplers all the time. 

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