June 20, 2011

Review - Too Faced "Skinny Dip" Eyeshadow Duo

I'll admit that after trying a few flops from Too Faced (Lash Injection mascara, I'm lookin' at you for sure) I have kind of been veering away from the brand. They are slowly winning my heart, though, first with Sun Bunny bronzer and now with Skinny Dip eyeshadow. Kristen is actually the one who found this during our recent Sephora excursion and of course if she thinks it's awesome, I probably will too.

Availability: Too Faced for $17.00 or Sephora for $17.00

Too Faced's website describes this duo as Cobalt Metallic and Iridescent Sky (blue of course) The swatches go, from bottom up, the Cobalt, the Sky and then mixed. Mixed is really where these shine. I couldn't capture the duochrome effect these give off when mixed because (surprise!) I'm still using my phone camera. The texture on the shadow is very soft and almost buttery (though for some reason the Sky one looks a little chunky in the swatch... totally my fault)

Then I tried to do a quick look with it which seemed ok irl, but omg these pictures. Why do I look so angry in the last one? And where did my eyebrows go? These are pressing questions...

So then I headed to Photobooth where the lighting and quality were better, but made it through one picture before I started making stupid faces.

Aaaaand some Teddy photos (because every post needs them) He moved out of my room last night. I miss my little tubbers already. On the plus side I am finally gathering all the shoes (and apparently also a few eyeshadows I had tucked away in my room since they are backups) that he was hoarding under my bed and dresser.

(yes, I'm one of "those" pet people that allows kisses)

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