February 25, 2011

Public Service Announcement #1

Just because a lip balm doesn't have an expiration date on it doesn't make it invincible. If you find some in your desk and think it may have been in there 5-ish years, DO NOT USE IT. Your lips are not that chapped, I swear.

Don't believe me?

I burned a hole in my face. It doesn't look like much, but I mean... it happened because of lip balm. It shouldn't even be able to do -that- much. I've been using Aquaphor on it every night and so far it seems to be healing ok. Lesson learned. Next time I will just spend $.99 and buy new stuff, heck I may even go nuts and spend like $2.

February 19, 2011

Yours Clothing (a review)

The back story to my order is at the beginning of the year, my beloved jeggings ripped. I sewed them up, but then they ripped again, in a new spot, while I was in the middle of work. I had to spend the day with one of my thighs poking through the leg of my pants. How embarrassing! I had actually ordered said jeggings from Yours Clothing and they really didn't owe me anything at that point. I decided that since they served me so well, my next pair of jeggings would be from Yours as well.

I ordered on 1/12 and, from my last experience, expected delivery to take a couple of weeks. When that passed and nothing had shown up, I emailed and spoke with Stacey who ask me to give it a couple of more weeks and let them know if anything came. I did so and still nothing, so I emailed again. Stacey apologized for the inconvenience and said she would put a full refund back to my card. I believe this was last weekend I received this message from her. Then, this past Thursday, the order finally showed up! The package looked well traveled (ie - I think someone TKO'd it in the third round), but the contents were just fine. I let Stacey know so that she could stop/reverse the refund. I would like to say the customer service I received was excellent, though. All replies were prompt and professional. I wouldn't have hesitated to order from Yours Clothing again, but Stacey just really made it a good experience in the end.

So far I have only worn the new jeggings once and the top and shrug I have only tried on. I find that everything I order from the UK seems to run a little large, so I actually buy my same size UK as I do US (even though the UK size really equates to something like 4 sizes smaller in US) Everything seems to be good quality and I am very happy with my purchase. So here is what I got! (stock photos are via Yours, the not so great photos are mine, lol)

The stock photo on the jeggings was very true to life as far as color and how they look worn. Unlike other skinny jeans and jeggings I have tried on, these really do give the true "painted on" jegging effect (which I like, though it may not be everyone's cup of hot cocoa) This pair is more stretchy and less jeans-like than my last pair, but I do really love them. I wore them out last night to go shopping with my brother.

I don't own many sparkly items and this tube top was on sale, so I figured what the heck. The one thing I didn't take into consideration is I am much bustier than the model in the stock photo, so the ruffled layers are going to take a little more work to get to lay right. All the same, for the price of the top I am not going to act disappointed about something that was my mis-judging anyway. 

Since this shrug is no longer available (another sale/close out item), I couldn't get the stock photo that shows the back of it. As you can see from my picture, though, it has a neat lace back (and I do love me some lace, even if I do constantly ruin everything putting my fingernails through it) I did try on the shrug today and it fits well. I was looking for something different than the bajillion cardigans I have. Sometimes you just don't want buttons, you know? 

And that's it! I didn't think about it when I bought them, but all these things together would actually make a pretty good outfit. See? This is my bad attempt at showing them all together, lol.

My final thoughts are: The arrival of my items took longer than I thought, but I blame the Postal Service for that obviously (and after a few incidents, the Postal Service and I aren't friends any more anyway). Yours Clothing has some neat options and great customer service. They are definitely someone I will shop with in the future.

February 15, 2011

I need new glasses (and your help in picking them)

All funny faced eye dilated pictures aside, my eye doctor appointment did result in a new prescription. Apparently we have been so concerned about correcting my wonky left eye all these years that we overcorrected and now my right eye is bliiiiiind. Ok, not blind, but my prescription flip-flopped and now my right eye is the one in need. That means new glasses are needed and THAT means another chance to go on zennioptical.com. I have narrowed it down to 6 choices of which I will likely buy 2. I'm not saying this poll will be my be all, end all, but I think it would be fun to see what you think!

All images are from the Zenni Optical site and the numbers listed are their model numbers. This will make it easier to go back and buy at the end. BTW's! I totally recommend going and playing with their "try on" option. I tried on at least 100 of the 1,026 women's glasses. Don't judge, I had a lot of time.







Please vote for your favorite 2 options in the comments! If you are interested in closer pictures, they actually have great close up shots of every. single. pair. of glasses that they sell, so just head to the Zenni site!

February 14, 2011

Heartentines Day (OOTD, FOTD, NOTD aaaaaand baking)

I will up front say, I do NOT like Valentine's Day. I didn't like it when I was single and I have to say I don't like it much more now that I'm not. It just feels like such an awkward holiday. All the same, I go out now because it's what one does. I can pretend it's in memory of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Or something. We actually went out last night anyway (I worked all day today and just got home, too late to gussy up... which I originally wrote hussy up and almost left it, lol)

I'll start with the short one (and not just because I chopped them off again), nails. I was checking out the Justin Beiber nail polishes at Wal-Mart (shush you) and found this one called Chinchilly from Essie. I do love Chinchillas, so I needed it.

I guess next on to the outfit. I wore it out with the lace cardigan, but needed to show it without to get the full effect of the awesomeness. The dress is from Forever 21+ (though from long enough ago that it was still Faith 21 at the time) and the cardigan is from Target. 

My face reminds me of a fat Ashley Tisdale here. No? I think the Tiz is amazing, so it would be nice if it did!

I tried to keep accessories simple-ish. The necklace is something I've had since I was a kid, the black earrings are Lia Sophia and the "diamond" things are just from Wal-Mart (one of those packs of like 8 pairs)

Makeup... now makeup is always fun. I won't do a 100% breakdown for the sake of space, but the main thing I used was the Think Pink Palette from Coastal Scents. It was actually much better quality than I was expecting (ok so when I ordered it, I was a moron and thought it was a blush palette. who orders grey blush??) Please also enjoy my Hello Kitty bathrobe. It was too cold in the dress alone, so that was the best I could come up with.

Aaaaand finally the best part, FOOD! These are not-so-molten lava brownies with a mint-chocolate glaze and red candy stripes. I ate none of them. I don't like mint in things that are not toothpaste and gum.

Ok, so maybe that wasn't last. This picture is last. Because I like it. I'm allowed to think I look pretty darn good, even if not one person told me so while I was out. I told me so gosh darn it.

February 13, 2011

Friday haul (and fun with eye dilation)

Friday was my yearly eye doctor visit (which I kind of love because my doctor is awesome) and I was due for eye dilation. That part kind of sucked because for the rest of the night, anything up close turned into a giant blob. I couldn't read anything and I couldn't see my face to do my makeup. I tried my darndest, though!

Aaaand my little haul from Friday. Not nearly as impressive of last week, I know.

You are seeing:

  • Urban Decay Ransom 24/7 Liner Pencil
  • Urban Decay Delinquent 24/7 Shadow Pencil
  • Sila Indigo Stay All Day Liner 
  • China Glaze Sea Spray Nail Polish
  • Sephora/OPI Slushied Nail Polish (how could I resist a Glee np?)

February 10, 2011

Hello, you fool, I love you

I've had the song Joyride stuck in my head all night. No one else seems to remember it, though, it's driving me nuts. I've been occupying Bummersville for the last week or so, so nothing too exciting to post. I did take some pictures over the last couple of days, though, so might as well post! No big breakdown since one is very similar to my last post the the other is just playing with MAC's Scandalicious lip color again (which I know I have also posted about)

Not sure if I've posted with my brown contacts yet. I don't wear them often, though I feel like they look a little less weird with my new hair.

Today I really just wanted to wear my new Marquise D' lipstick. I'm not sure about this one. I usually stay away from nude/brown colors. I'm more of a pinks kinda gal. Then again I don't usually like neutral/brown eyeshadows and I did that, too. 

No big plans yet for the weekend, but hopefully my brother will help me bake Saturday evening/Sunday since that's what I'm doing for my boyfriend's Valentine's Day present. If all goes well, I'll have another yummy treats-type post soon.

February 6, 2011

Game Day

Happy Puppy Bowl VII everyone! As per usual, everyone else in the house is watching football and I am watching puppies. Who is the loser in all this? Well obviously the Steelers, because they have one strike against them not being cute puppies and another strike because they are not related to delicious delicious cheese like the other team.

This is actually yesterday's look (today I did purples so as to not be confused while out as someone who knows anything about football)


  • Monistat Chafe Relief Powder-Gel as primer 
  • Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss: 1 Sleek Bengal
  • MAC Mighty Aphrodite Blush

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Rides Again Shadow
  • MAC Nanogold Shadow
  • MAC Fairylite Pigment
  • Stila Bronze Smudge Pot
  • MAC Blonde's Gold Pigment (brows)
  • Fresh Supernova Mascara
  • MAC Bubbles Lipstick

February 5, 2011

Friday Haul

Yesterday I was in makeup heaven. My orders from MAC and Costal Scents both had arrived when I got home from work AND I made my boyfriend go with me to the CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet) too! Don't worry, we went out for a pretty sweet dinner after, so it wasn't toooooo much torture for him ;P

What you are seeing:

Costal Scents Eclipse Palette (15 concealer set)
Costal Scents Think Pink Palette (12 Valentines Day/Rose inspired shadows)
Costal Scents 10 brush set (pink!) with brush roll
Costal Scents spatulas (not all that fun, but I'll need them when I do my friend's wedding makeup)
Costal Scents pink bag (it was a freebie and had a couple tiny travel brushes and a loose shadow sample)
MAC Mighty Aphrodite blush (Wonder Woman packaging)
MAC Marquise D' lipstick (Wonder Woman Packaging)
MAC Nanogold shadow 
MAC Reflects Transparent Teal glitter
MAC Bubbles lipstick

The best part is the last three items were totally free! My bf had gotten me a Visa gift card for Christmas with the rule that it must be used for a CCO trip. I only spent about half this time, so I'll check back in a couple of months to see what new goodies have popped up!

February 4, 2011

The hair-raising conclusion!

As I promised yesterday, this is the conclusion to yesterday's henna post. By the time I wound up washing to all out and getting to bed, it was 2am. Totally too tired to post (plus my hair was still wet which makes it hard to tell how the color came out)

Here is the just out of the shower color. For kicks, I am also showing you what happens to your forehead if you don't protect it well enough while the color is setting. Same thing happened last time, too. I usually rock the side bangs anyway, so it's not too hard to cover.

After air drying overnight, my roots now are an orangey shade. I'm hoping the color will deepen over the next couple of days to match the rest of my hair. The henna I used the last few times is no longer available, so I had to try another formula (is that what you call it, a formula? sounds good)

Aaaaand the full length-ish shot. I might be just a little vain about my hair. I have been working hard to grow it and pamper it. A few years back I had the genius idea of going platinum. It actually looked pretty good on me, but I had to retouch my roots like once a week. If you've ever used hair bleach even once, just think about using it once a week for many many months. I'm lucky I didn't have to go G. I. Jane. after that one. Luckily I was able to salvage a few inches.

February 3, 2011

My hair is too hennalicious for you baby

A few weeks ago I noticed my hair had some maaaaajor roots showing, but I have been lacking money to get more henna. I get mine from Mehandi.com as they sell body art quality henna with no additives. This means it's good for my hair (it makes it nice and soft!) and should I ever use chemical dye on my hair in the future, my hair won't fry off making me bald. Nice, right?

For those who have henna'd before, it's NOT a quick or clean process. You have to mix the henna the night before and then after the messy application, it has to sit for several hours to fully do its thing. I figured since I'm just sitting around waiting, I would document the process so far. The only thing that's left is to rinse and then my results, but I'll save the results for another post.

Here are my roots. I think it's more than an inch which is kind of cool as that means I've had a lot of growth in only about a month (I last henna'd right after Christmas) It totally looked stupid if I had my hair down and parted, though.

This is my mixed henna. It looks pretty gross, right? I think the smell is tolerable, though not my favorite. I added ground clove in this time around as it made it smell a bit better and supposedly it helps the color become more vivid when it sets in. Clove is supposedly a little irritating to the scalp, so the henna site said it might not be for everyone. I've had mine in for over an hour now and no itch/hurting so far!

Here I am applying. Unlike your run of the mill box dye, henna is pretty thick. It was about toothpaste consistency when I put it in. That means it doesn't seep through layers of hair like a chemical dye would. You have to smear this stuff in layer by layer and really work it in. The henna site says it's like frosting a cake. You have to make sure to get every crevice and thicker is always better (I agree, mmm frosting, lol)

Don't worry, I got it off my forehead right after this picture. The thing about henna is it STAINS skin (especially hands). It's the same thing they use to do the intricate hand designs, so wear gloves lest you want to be orangey/brown for quite a while. As you can see, I got some on my shoulder and chest. Hope I got it off soon enough!

Yummy! When you're done applying, it's time to plastic wrap your head nice and tight like leftovers going in the fridge. I just take the roll out of the box and circle my head until it's all covered. This keeps the henna on your hair, but also keeps the moisture in. If you let too much air hit it, it's going to get all crunchy and crumble off your hair (which means it's not setting the color in)

And this is where we end. I'm just chillin' and watching Zoolander while I wait to rinse. Unfortunately my only option was to do this when I got home tonight, which means I put it in at 9pm-ish and will need to stay up until 1am-ish to rinse. I wanted to get it done tonight, though, as it takes a few days for the color to relax and become the real tone that your hair is going to stay. I want my hair looking nice for Valentine's Day even though I'm not even going to be doing anything because I have to work all day. I can still be vain about it if I want, though!