March 29, 2011

FOTD Photoganza Extraveganza

Can anyone tell that I have RuPaul's Drag Race on my brain? I love that show and not even for the competition, but for the amazing hair and makeup and clothing that they pump out each episode. They put what I can do to shame, that's for sure! That said, I haven't had time to make a proper FOTD post with product listings, but I keep taking pictures. No really, I apparently just don't stop.

March 28, 2011

Review - City Chic

I need florals. Like, I don't, but I DO. You know what I mean? City Chic recently opened up their US store (they're based in Australia) and one of their first big promos was to offer 60% off everything. That's like... amazing. There were several dresses that I wanted but which were sold out because I had to wait until pay day (damn you bills!) but I did score a lovely floral number for a sweet price, so all was still good with the world.

I found the ordering experience to be very simple, no glitches at all. I did notice they do currently bill through AU, so my bank took a $.30 international fee out in addition to what I paid. I didn't see this mentioned in their terms of sale, so I wrote in suggesting they mention that billing is not done through the US just so people are aware fees may apply (not all banks take them, mine just loves me that much) I received a prompt response back thanking me for my suggestion and that it would be passed on. That's all I wanted, so A+ for response on that one.

On to the dress (I got a shirt, too, but that's for later days) The fabric feels very nice (light, but not cheap) and construction looks pretty good. I did find the straps a bit long for me, but I'm also super short. The length of the skirt was actually very nice (though that still didn't stop it from blowing up in the wind allowing me to again flash people my super hot underwear) In true to me fashion, I still suck at my tripod photos. I really need to just get myself a personal photographer.

See how I am willing to show an extremely unflattering photo of myself if it shows the dress? I'm kidding, I don't take flattering photos.

The hair. I kind of liked it, it was just all pinned up in a bun, but I thought it looked nice and shiny.

My final thoughts - I do like my dress a lot and I think the whole process of ordering from City Chic couldn't have gone smoother (even though my postal carrier shoved my purchases into my tiny mail box in a way a contortionist couldn't even wrap their mind around) I do think the prices are a little more than I want to spend right now, but wouldn't hesitate to partake in their next sale (I'm looking at you Roxanne Dress

March 27, 2011

Mmmm Food

I'm happy to report that since my last post, one of my friends is back home. The other went though surgery OK and is saying the night as there were some other issues that doctors wanted to keep an eye on. I think both will be fine in the end which is a huge relief. Like I said, these guys were my bff's before the term bff existed. Our moms are bff's, too. They're more family than some of my family has been and I don't know what I would do without them (even though I don't get to see them that much)

Tonight I told Matt I was making dinner. He's so picky about my cooking, particularly about disliking fake meat (which is the basis of a lot of my cooking) I found some interesting looking recipes on (I know, totally doesn't sound like a food blog but it is... and a good one!) and decided to give cooking another go (cooking for him I mean, I make stuff for myself all the time) I chose the sun-dried tomato pesto pasta and garlic cheese rolls. Of course I can't just follow a recipe, so the pesto became a sun-dried tomato and dried red pepper pesto with sauteed shrimp on top and the garlic rolls needed rosemary added for no particular reason. I think it pulled together pretty well and he offered to keep the leftovers, so that must be a good sign. Here are some delicious (and not so delicious) pictures of my dinner:

The garlic cheese rolls pre-cooking They were supposed the be rising, but I think they turned into blobs instead. They certainly didn't look any rise-ier.

Now the pesto, well it looked much better pre-pasta. It was also very tasty and spicy. I made lots because I wasn't positive how many people I was feeding (and of course leftovers are always good for a quick dinner after work)

See what I mean? Kind of gross looking. I'm not sure if this was supposed to have mixed in any nicer. I like to just pretend this was correct.

Mmmm shrimps. This was just to sauté, I didn't dump the butter and garlic into the pasta although that might have made the pesto mix nicer now that I think of it.

Aaaand the finished rolls. I guess they still kind of looked like blobs, but I thought they tasted pretty awesome.

Friday Haul

I have a few things ready to post, but thought I would keep today short and sweet. Two of my best friends growing up (twins actually) are in the hospital. One may have had a stroke and the other had to go into emergency surgery to have his appendix removed. Both things happened at different times (in fact the appendicitis one had been in the hospital waiting room with the other when he first went in) and they're now in different hospitals. I'm not a religious person so I can't say I'm praying for them like that will help something. I'm just worried, though, you know? 

Anyway, sad stuff aside, Matt and I went out yesterday before I found everything out and was happening. The trip was kind of a bust. We started at Newbury Comics where they didn't have the CD I wanted or the movie Matt wanted. Moved on to Best Buy with the same results. Then we split up for a few minutes, I went to Ulta and he went to Barnes and Noble. He looked for both his movie and my CD to no success. My luck in Ulta was not much better; I went in looking for a specific Stila eyeliner that they were out of. After this we decided to go to Westerley, RI for dinner at a cafe we've been to before. He wanted a veal dish... you guessed it, out of veal. Then (oh yes, not done) he needed to go to the drug store. We stopped at Rite Aid just to find it closed at 8pm (who closes before 9 on a Friday night?) That was basically the end of our night both because it was getting later and because I don't think either of us could take more disappointment.

Here's what came out of my night:

NYX lashes #128 (Nostalgia)
NYX lashes #119 (Gorgeous)
Milani Eyetech liquid liner (black)
Milani Infinite liquid liner (infinite... which apparently means blue)
NYX lipstick #595 (strawberry milk)
NYX lipstick #521 (chole)
China Glaze nailpolish (re-fresh mint)
OPI nailpolish (black shatter)

Both the NYX was buy one get one 50% off (Ulta) and the Milani (CVS) The OPI I got for free with my Ulta rewards points. All in all, I didn't spend that awful much on what you see. Still not my Stila liner that I reaaaaally wanted, but that'll do pig, that'll do.

March 18, 2011

Review - Sugarpill

This review is part a look at Sugarpill as a company and part a look at a couple of products. This all started last Saturday while I was sitting around checking out some of my favorite blogs. Christine of Temptalia did a review of a few of Sugarpills Chromalusts (which is the Sugarpill name for a loose shadow, I think it sounds really cool, though) One of the shadows reviewed was called Paperdoll and it's a pretty lilac purple color. I love me some purples, so I had actually picked this up back when it fist came out BUT and big but, I could never quite get it to work for me. When I would put it on (especially wet, which seems to be the recommended way to use it) it kind of just crumbled off leaving a sheer matte wash. As Christine's swatches looked so much more sparkly, I inquired about her secret. Turns out this color had actually been reformulated not too long ago, and hers was of the newer batch. It was good information to have, it's nice to see companies will take an ok product that fell a little short and try and make it a great product. What I didn't expect, though, was a follow-up email from Miss Shrinkle herself, Amy! I'll admit it made me a little giddy, she's kind of like a celebrity, lol. She offered to send me a new jar of Paperdoll to try out and also got me a new jar of Birthday Girl (cupcakey pink) as that was another shade I'd bought which she'd reformulated.

My package arrived to me yesterday mid-Inglot swatches. As always, it's exciting to see the white box with the little blue cat on it in my mailbox. I hopped right on pictures and swatching. Without further delay...

Old jar left, new jar right. While similar, you can see where the new one looks a little smoother and has some more shimmer.

I don't think the dry swatches really do this one justice. New is top, old is bottom.

Again, old left, new right. I had a rough time photographing this one, the shimmer kept blinding the camera. I never claimed to be a photographer in any sense of the word.

I do think the dry swatches on this one better show what I was talking about with Paperdoll. See how the bottom one, a lot of the shimmer just dropped right off? Definitely a great improvement on the new batch.

These swatches are over a still-tacky base. Still new on top, old on the bottom. Paperdoll definitely shines through with the base I think. Please don't mind that you can see my Inglot swatches underneath. I'm working with only one arm I can swatch on and space was getting tight.

My final impression is the new formulations are definitely a success and if you happen to stumble across my blog again Amy, thank you!! I felt a little bad saying I was disappointed in the first batch, I probably overkilled apologizing as I didn't want seem like I was badmouthing the product! Turned out her friends (who were her test subjects before releasing the original run) were the same and didn't tell her they weren't digging the texture until it was too late. I guess it goes to show that honesty is best, especially when you're testing something before it's sent into production! lol

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

March 17, 2011

Review - Inglot

I suppose it's hard to review something you only just got, but it will be like a work in progress review. So far my experience with Inglot Cosmetics has been pretty positive. Within about 48 hours of them opening their online store, I was ready to order. The site gave me more than a couple of hang up's, but in the end I was able to get most of an order through. I picked the 10 pan palette and what I thought was 10 shadows, but the site dropped one off when the order went in. C'est la vie.

After a few days of waiting, I received an email from Inglot letting me know a couple of the shadows were out of stock. I tried to reply back that I was ok to wait on them, but I don't think they were getting reply emails as 2 days later I had a message on my answering machine asking me to call them. I did and a very nice woman told me that they were actually getting a new shipment in that very day, so likely I didn't even need to worry about picking subs or a long lead time. As she predicted, my shadows came in that day and actually shipped that night. I had them shipped to my work so I could take a peeksie asap. Anyway, on to the good stuff!

While I did open the box at work, I put it back as it was so you could all get the full excitement of the surprise, too.

Decent packaging. Both an air pack and bubble wrap on the shadows. I might have also bubble wrapped the palette, but it wasn't damaged, so nothing to fuss about.

Unpacked! 1 palette, 9 shadows and a free sample of their makeup base (going to guess that means primer)

The first thing I did was figure out how I wanted to put the shadows into the palette and then marked each of their homes. Unlike a MAC palette, this thing has super magnet hold. Once the pan is in... well don't plan on changing them up too often, that's all. I saw another person do something similar and loved it. I used a silver sharpie (which means you can't read half the words, but I know what it means)

Before snapping them into their final resting places, I just wanted to see how much bigger these things were than a MAC pro pan. The answer is a whole lot. These things seem huuuuge. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing my MAC pro pans (I have 3 pallets worth) but you can really see how much of a value the Inglot turned out to be!

Here's everyone all cozy in their homes. My organization strategy was to put all the purples together and then haphazardly slap the rest in wherever. That's a very typical strategy for me, actually.

I put the lid back on to see how it looked through the frosted top. I like it a lot, it's nice to see all the colors without opening anything up. For those who are wondering, this has a super magnet on it, too. The trick is to slide it off rather than to pull on it.

Close up's! Most are pretty true to life. I'll note any differences as we go.

56 AMC  - this one is a little darker in the pan, I think the flash washed it out a little (though it still looks super pigmented) I thought I would hate this one, but I actually kind of like it.

467 DS - this one is probably the worst picture of the bunch. It almost looks matte here, but in reality is super sparkly (it's a double sparkle shadow, that's what the DS means) and is muuuuch peachier.

40 Shine - this one is so close I almost didn't note it, but irl it pulls a liiiiitle redder.

379 Matte - this one is more purple than blue irl, but definitely is a blue based purple. I was probably most excited for this one (which is one of the ones that was out of stock for a bit so I was like noooooo!)

Aaaaand finally the swatches. Please excuse my poor swatching skillz,  I am new to the game (the swatching part, not the makeup part) While I am used to testing out shadows on my hand/arm, I have only just recently started doing so for an audience. These are with and without flash respectively. The colors go in the same order I have them in the palette from top left to bottom right (well, to the last shadow. I forgot to swatch the empty hole ;P)

That's my Inglot story thus far! I didn't have time to try any out in a look tonight as I had some other things to do. I'm sure they'll be sneaking their way in here and there in my upcoming posts, though!