April 30, 2011

Tico-taco Ya-ya-ya!

Matt is in NY for the day today and since I can't just stay at home and do nothing, I decided my mom and I would go see a movie. She picked Rio which was fine by me as I do like Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg (even if I've only seen him in Zombieland) The movie was cute and since it was about animals, right up my alley. If you like animated movies about animals triumphing over the bad guys, then I will recommend this. Not what this post is really about, though.

When I was feeling a little lonely last weekend, I went on a mayjah online shopping spree. The first of my purchases arrived this afternoon, so I figured best to start sharing now! I posted a couple of weeks back that I received my first OCC Lip Tar. I really enjoyed how different it was, so much that I needed two more.

The package was just a plain old white box, nothing too special. I don't really care if my items come packaged very fancy, though, as long as I can recycle most of it.

The insides. Plenty of padding for a couple of tubes IMO. Not sure if they use more padding for other products they sell like eyeshadow jars and nail polish. 

The Lip Tars were in a baggie (guessing just in case they leaked/exploded) and there was a promo post card (same image as on their website, http://www.occmakeup.com/

I posed the new ones with my old one. In order they are Cha-Cha, Strumpet and Interlace.

And then dummy me flipped them on my hand, so they turned into Interlace, Strumpet and then Cha-Cha.

Since orange-y lips have been an obsession lately, I decided to give Cha-Cha a whirl. The following are the results of my trial. Don't mind the rest of my face, it's my gym makeup (a little tinted moisturizer and some mascara. No, I can't even go to the gym with a nakey face.)

Some got on my teeth I think. It came off again, but I wasn't going to re-do pictures just because of that. I mean lipstick teeth happens sometimes, right? I didn't go out with it like that.

Then somehow this happened. I know it's not flattering and don't even remember the camera going off. Oh well, might as well post it, right?

Overall I really like the idea of Lip Tar. It comes in a tube like a gloss, comes out even thinner than a gloss, but dries down into more of a lipstick (no stickiness whatsoever) I still have not gotten the hang of making it last, though. I have heard people say it lasts hours and hours and hours, even thorough eating/drinking. I didn't even make it TO dinner let alone THROUGH it. Ah well, I'll get there. 

April 22, 2011

FOTD - Actually Using Something I Bought!

I'm feeling moody for no particular reason, it's allowed. Of course being moody makes me shop. Some good came out of it, I found something I liked for my friend's birthday. Some evil came out of it, I have eyeliner from Stila, lip tar from OCC and shoes from Urban Originals all on the way. Oops. This is why people can't leave me alone on a Friday night.

I decided to play with a bunch of my recent purchases last night. I got several compliments, so I marked it a successful look.


  • NARS Deauville Sheer Glow Foundation (applied with my new Beauty Blender which I bought after watching TiffanyD's recent video) 
  • MAC Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre
  • Bobbi Brown Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick


  • MAC Graphic Garden Palette (all eyeshadow is from this, 4 of the 6 colors used)
  • Loreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense
  • Stila Electric Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  • Stila Peacock Smudge Stick Liner
  • Urban Decay Naked (brows)
  • Laura Mercier Mascara

  • Nothing

April 21, 2011

I whip my hair (but mostly in place, back and forth makes me a little dizzy)

I will preface this by saying that I am not a hair person. My friends Kristen and Monika are the ones who went to hair school, I just know the basics like how to brush my hair and how to not cut my bangs up to my hair line like my mom used to... I figure I would share some of the things I am liking now, though, since my hair seems to be pretty happy.

TRESemme Tres Two Ultra Fine Mist Hair Spray - I mostly use this when pulling my hair back in a ponytail, though sometimes I will scrunch it into my roots when my hair is getting too flat up top (my family is from Jersey, you know)

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner - These are fairly new to me, but I really like them so far. My hair feels clean, but soft. I also feel like I have less frizzies at the top of my hair. I feel like Kristen might have recommended Moroccan oil at some point. Maybe I just made that up.

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil - I've used this down the length of my hair a couple of times. It smooths out the waves more than I would like, but my hair definitely feels softer. 

Ouidad Balancing Rinse Conditioner - Every few days I have been mixing some of this with the Organix conditioner. It's been my go-to conditioner for a while now and is very thick and moisturizing. The Ouidad line is meant for curly/wavy hair. I don't know if I think it does anything specifically for my waves that other products couldn't, but it's nice.

Salon Grafix Spray Powder Shampoo for Brunette Shades - While most of my hair is dry, my bangs for some reason end up looking kind of greasy (even just out of the shower) I spritz this stuff on as-needed and it makes them lay nicer and look better. As far as this particular brand/having a brunette tint, I'm not sold on it. I just keep trying new brands each time I need a new container.

Large Claw Clip - I use this in the shower to hold my hair back while the conditioner soaks in and out of the shower to hold my hair back while I do my makeup. It's really getting too small for all my hair, but I haven't been able to find anything larger. (if anyone knows of giant claw clips, share with me where they come from!)

Conair Wide Tooth Plastic Comb - I use this in the shower to distribute my conditioner and (gently!) get out tangles. I know combing through wet hair is generally seen as a no no, but with wavy/curly hair, you can't brush/comb when it's dry or it turns into a frizzy puffball.

Oval Pin/Boar Bristle Brush - Kristen helped me pick this one out the other night at Ulta. My old paddle brush was in need of trashing. I have heard that pins on brushes are a bad thing, but sometimes I really need them to get through my hair. The boar bristles mixed in made me feel like it was a compromise and they do make my hair look smother-ish. 

Celebration Henna from Henna For Hair - This isn't the same kind of henna I started with last year, but it seems to be mixing well with the old stuff (it was from the same site, but a different formula or whatever it's called) My last mix I did with lemon juice, ground clove, nutmeg and cinnamon (makes it smell better) I still have an ugly stain on my foot from my last application, next time I am wearing socks.

I'll leave you with a fun fact I learned today at the gym - henna and head sweat smell terrible together. That is all.

April 13, 2011

Wednesday Haul (Fridays were getting boring)

After reading about some recent CCO finds people have been talking about, I decided it was time for another trip. When I mentioned going last night, my brother chimed in that he wanted to go, too. I think he just had nothing better to do today, but I wasn't going to argue company for the ride! No one cares about all that, though, on to the fun part!

What you are seeing:

  • MAC Azalea Blossom Blush (they had ONE left and I snagged it as a backup. It's going for like $30+ on the "makeup black market" and I got mine for $17.50 ;P )
  • MAC Golden Lemon Pigment
  • MAC Graphic Garden Palette
  • MAC So Bad Lipglass
  • MAC Glamora Castle Eyeshadow
  • MAC Aqua Eyeshadow (I tried to B2M for this a few months back and they told me no, but I have found you my lovely Aqua!)
  • OCC Interlace Lip Tar (this one wasn't from the CCO obviously, it just happened to arrive in the mail today. I am so so so excited to try this stuff)
In other news, we had a scare with one of our ferrets and thought we would need to take her to the emergency vet. She was getting sick and just wasn't acting right. We got out to the car and were about to load the carrier in and all of a sudden she was acting fine again. It's like she just wanted some fresh air. She's sleeping now, so here's hoping all is ok! And because everything is better with a picture, here is my baby:

I actually has this picture put on a coffee mug for one of my mom's Christmas presents. She cried when she opened it, so I know I made a good choice.

April 12, 2011

Review - Milani Eye Tech Liquid Liner

A couple of weekends ago, I picked up Milani's Eye Tech liquid liner as part of a buy one get one 50% off deal at CVS. Really I was getting desperate for a black liquid liner and figured why not since I was there anyway. I have used it a few times within the time since. You can see in this picture (previously posted) that it gave a decent enough line and wing. Not bad I was thinking. Then it got bad. I went to use the liner a couple of days ago for this post and the thing just stopped. Like nothing was happening. I didn't have time to mess with it again until today and figured out the problem...

Oh noes! Streaky and almost invisible line, what's going on??

Oh, I see. Perhaps the product works better when the tip -doesn't- fall right out of the pen. Perhaps. You can see on the tip of my finger where I touched the base of the felt tip. There was plenty of product on it, but it won't flow through.

And to boot, not too waterproof (not that I am sure this was supposed to be) All I did was use a little spit (because I'm classy) and it was gone, though. I mean even non-waterproof doesn't usually come off THAT easy.

So my verdict on this one is that is was not even worth the 50% off price for the 2 uses I got out of it. That is not to say that Milani is all together bad. I actually rather like some of what they make, especially for the drugstore price. The blue liner I bought the same day (brush applicator, not a felt tip) is working great and I am quite happy with that one. If I were a true beauty blogger (which I'm not, I'm just a whatever blogger) I would give this item a B+ for an out of the gate score and then a fall to a D- (I can't say F, I mean it worked twice, right?)

April 9, 2011

OOTD (with a hint of FOTD and a splash of NOTD)

My mom found a flyer in the paper that residents of my town and a few of the surrounding towns were invited to visit the aquarium free this weekend. I love the aquarium, but not the $30/person price tag that comes with it, so this was perfect for me. We went to almost every exhibit (we skipped the birds... why are there birds at the aquarium??) and even saw the sea lion show (they were so cute, especially when they wave with their little flippers) After that we went for dinner and our requisite visit to the used book store (no 2 week span is complete without one!)

Giving my new Wet Seal skirt a run. Overall I do like it. My one gripe is there is no zipper, so I had to pull the thing on over my head which was super awkward.

Nothing spectacular in the makeup field. The liner is a little wonky, I was trying to line in black and the stupid thing just died on me (2nd time trying to use it, not impressed Milani liner >:o ) so I had to attempt to go back over it with my blue Stila liner and it just went downhill from there. The shadows are all Inglot, really just wanted to keep it soft and peachy to go with the skirt)

My favorite part, the nails. As usual, not cleaned up. I was so excited about this crackle polish that I needed to immediately take pictures. I know I'm late on the bandwagon, but zomg amazing. This is OPI's black crackle polish over China Glaze's Refresh Mint.

April 7, 2011

FOTD - Pink Eye

While I'm not totally in love with how this came out, it's the first time I have done an almost all pink look and felt like I don't look completely diseased.

I iz attractive? Yes, yes I am.


  • Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation
  • Make Up For Ever HD Powder mixed with Meow Mineral Foundation (to set)
  • Bobbi Brown Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Fuchsia Pigment
  • Ben Nye Azalea Eyeshadow
  • MAC Later Pigment
  • Coastal Scents Eyeshadow (they don't have names... it was like a pinky highlight color)
  • Urban Decay Zero 24/7 Liner
  • MAC Omega Eyeshadow (brows)
  • Laura Mercier Mascara
  • Hourglass Superficial Lash Mascara

  • MAC Myth Lipstick
  • Buxom Amber Buxom Lips

And because I can never make a post without veering off topic, look what showed up at our door:

Its name is Bobo and we left a message at the number on the collar tag, but no one has called to claim their kitty. I don't know if Bobo is a girl or boy. It hissed and clawed me when I tried to bring it inside (mostly because I had to go past my dogs who were barking) and now I don't want to pick it up again :/ 

April 6, 2011

Spring showers - now without snow!

At the risk of jinxing it, I think we may finally be done with snow! Now if we could only be done with the extreme wind, I would be happy. It makes me want to go on vacation really bad, though. Since that won't be happening (yay work!) I will just share with you a previous vacation. Last October, Matt and I went to Cape Cod with his parents.  We didn't know if it would be kind of odd spending a whole vacation with his mom and dad, but I had a really good time. It was beautiful and his parents actually turned out to be great tour guides! His family has been going since he was a kid, so they're like professionals now. Since I had never been, it was nice to have someone take us places. I get hopelessly lost driving around the block, so it could have gotten ugly without them.

Nauset Beach

Coast Guard Beach

West Dennis Beach

Frying Pan Gallery (if I were a woman of money, this squid would have been mine) I actually went here with Matt's parents while he was at a book store. Waaaay better than books (and I mean that in the most loving way since I think my second home is the used book store)