June 28, 2011


I promise I'm still here. My camera should be reaching the repair shop soon and, fingers crossed, it won't take long to fix. Not that I've been up to many exciting things. Tonight Matt, his brother and I went out to dinner with their grandpa. It was a nice time (and also the first time someone's elderly family member remembered who I was) Mostly I've been hanging around home, though, and living vicariously through the internet. That's what made me decide to bring you the, "10-things-I-am-wanting-right-now" post. These are in no particular order, just things I would like to have in my life.

1. ASOS Curve pleated 50's dress

5. Someday by Justin Beiber perfume (shush, it sounds like it would smell nice)

So how is everyone? Tell me about something you've been lusting over lately. 

June 20, 2011

Review - Too Faced "Skinny Dip" Eyeshadow Duo

I'll admit that after trying a few flops from Too Faced (Lash Injection mascara, I'm lookin' at you for sure) I have kind of been veering away from the brand. They are slowly winning my heart, though, first with Sun Bunny bronzer and now with Skinny Dip eyeshadow. Kristen is actually the one who found this during our recent Sephora excursion and of course if she thinks it's awesome, I probably will too.

Availability: Too Faced for $17.00 or Sephora for $17.00

Too Faced's website describes this duo as Cobalt Metallic and Iridescent Sky (blue of course) The swatches go, from bottom up, the Cobalt, the Sky and then mixed. Mixed is really where these shine. I couldn't capture the duochrome effect these give off when mixed because (surprise!) I'm still using my phone camera. The texture on the shadow is very soft and almost buttery (though for some reason the Sky one looks a little chunky in the swatch... totally my fault)

Then I tried to do a quick look with it which seemed ok irl, but omg these pictures. Why do I look so angry in the last one? And where did my eyebrows go? These are pressing questions...

So then I headed to Photobooth where the lighting and quality were better, but made it through one picture before I started making stupid faces.

Aaaaand some Teddy photos (because every post needs them) He moved out of my room last night. I miss my little tubbers already. On the plus side I am finally gathering all the shoes (and apparently also a few eyeshadows I had tucked away in my room since they are backups) that he was hoarding under my bed and dresser.

(yes, I'm one of "those" pet people that allows kisses)

June 17, 2011

I feel like a speech is in order

Not really, people don't like speeches. That's why my friend Jessica and I hit each other with our carnations during graduation instead of listening to whoever was speaking (who was speaking anyway?)

The amazing lycanthropica passed on the Stylish Blogger Award on to me and it made my rainy day happy.

This coming after an amazing Wednesday off spent with my best friend Kristen (who is equally as stylish, I much enjoy her shorts over tights) As for myself, I guess my style would be considered pretty girly. I love florals and ruffles and LACE. Dresses are where I shine. No really, let me share with you my collection:

What you are looking at is enough dresses for a full month. What you are not looking at is the other 30 or so dresses still hanging up and the 10 or so in my Dryel bag waiting for cleaning. 

Apparently I am also supposed to share 7 facts about myself with you. I'm always bad at this, but here goes!

1. My real name is Cassandra (shocker) and was shortened to Cassie for most of my life. I've only been a Cassy since late high school, mostly because I had a friend who could not spell my name right. It was easier to change it than to keep correcting him. Plus I was a special snowflake back then and thought it made me soooooo different.

2. I don't eat meat, but I'm not a vegetarian. I find the label to be too constricting and time consuming. To be a true vegetarian I would have to be constantly checking labels and questioning dishes at restaurants. I just ate some fruit snacks and there was probably gelatin in them. Such is life.

3. I live with my family at the age of 26, but don't feel all that embarrassed by it. Several years ago I did move out with a then-friend. From that statement, I'm sure you get the idea how it went. When push came to shove, my mom and my brother were right there to help me get the heck outta there. Sometimes I don't know what they (mostly my mom) will do when I really leave. Then again sometimes I wonder if I ever will really leave.

4. My mom's best friend's kids are some of my best friends. They used to live in CT, but now they are in NJ (where my and their families are originally from) and I miss them to pieces. We visit them every year at least once. 

(bonus, the one in the light grey shirt is my brother)

5. Speaking of my mom, she is amazing and I am lucky to have her. Many of my friends have lost one or both of their parents at very young ages. While my family is a bit broken, I still have it. I don't take that lightly (even if at face value my mom, brother and I can bicker like we're all 5)

6. The ever elusive Matt (behind the umbrella pole) has been so kind as to put up with my madness for 3 years now. He hates being in pictures and would probably yell at me for posting this picture even. Good thing he doesn't know where to find this blog muahaha.

7. Now that I have posted that picture, my last fact/thing/whatever is that I am obviously fat. I am also ok with it. Perhaps I don't always show it (we all have our bad days) but I have come to the point where I am tired of apologizing for someone else's problem with my body. Maybe this isn't how I will look forever, but why does that mean I need to hate who I am right at this moment? It frustrates me when people say I'm not fat, I'm beautiful. I am both. And I have amazing friends, family and a boyfriend who have been with me through being fat, being thin(er) and being fat again. To them, though, I am just me. I finally realized that ultimately I've never changed to them and that is why sometimes they don't understand when I talk about being fat and being less fat (I was never all that small, that's not how we roll in my family) 

(My super awesome mirror shot which I thought was kind of stupid when I took it, but since I am still camera-less, it makes me miss even that much)

I will pass my nomination onto the super hot (literally, it's what her last post was about!) chalkdustandboots. We may all be calling her Dr. Boots soon (ok, I'm totally the only one who said I would be doing that) as she's actually an academic (unlike myself who is a college dropout. ooooh, is that fact #8??)

June 12, 2011

FOTD/OOTD (Doin' the best I can)

I decided to try my best to work with what I had for pictures last night. I can't say anything came out well, but something came out... Anyway, went to dinner at Lupo in Chester last night and it went fairly well. We didn't figure we'd need a reservation as early as we went, but turns out we did. Oops. There was room at the bar, though, so we just sat there. I'd never done that before and I'll admit I felt like the chair was going to break under my weight, but other than that it wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be. I ate a lot of things containing eggplant. The downer of the night is it was absolutely pouring rain from the minute we left up until I dropped Matt back off at his apartment for the night. I like rain sometimes, but in a little more moderation.

My inspiration for my makeup was Leesha's Pirate's look. I wanted something a little dark and mysterious without resorting to blacks and greys (I don't have anything against black and grey, just not for going out that early)

And now I shall try my darndest to show you my outfit. This is really the part that didn't go so well. What I wore was my new City Chic Roxanne dress. It's probably my new favorite LBD, I honestly love it (even though it looks basically terrible not on a human being, like a huge sack) I finished off the outfit with some black fishnets and heels from Target. I'm not a fan of the Target fishnets because they tend to last me a whole one outing before getting a giant hole in them. The shoes I like well enough, but they're not all that comfortable to walk in. Then again I have been having trouble with a lot of heels lately (the flip flops in the background are what I wore all day before leaving, that's more my thing)

Sparkly shoulders! I'm scared to wash this. It says you can do it in a machine, but I don't think I will. Even just the strap of my purse rubbed off a couple of jewels and that made me sad enough.

Don't even ask. I know this is a "FGA" something awful. The difference is I'm not trying to convince you I'm not fat, I just didn't know how else to use my MacBook to take a picture of my whole dress besides this. I'm sorry!

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. Teddy decided 4am was an appropriate time to wake up this morning, so I am feeling like I'm ready to go to bed for the night now (it's only 5:30pm) These are the days that prove to me that I don't want (nor will I ever have) a child, lol. How about everyone else, how was your weekend?

June 11, 2011

Mohegan Sun Casino, here I come (or there I went... whichever)

(apologies in advance, I'm still using my phone as a camera...)

When I learned that Mohegan Sun was putting a Sephora in its shopping area (in addition to my beloved Lush) I think I almost peed myself in excitement. Because, as I always say, I'm classy like that. It actually opened a couple of weeks ago, but honestly I didn't feel like dealing with the opening crowds. Plus this means I now have a store within about 20 minutes of me, so why rush? Last night, though, Matt was out with his friends and I was bored. We all know boredom and I don't go well together.

The Sephora, for those who know the casino, is right next to Spin Street (music/movie-type store) which will be a bonus when Matt comes with because I can drop him off there while I shop. The store is much bigger inside than I expected from the outside. I was going to take a picture of the storefront, but there were people just standing there and I didn't want them to think I was a creepster. Inside is honestly like any other Sephora. They're all kind of set up differently, however they can utilize the store size and shape. The one thing I liked a lot about this particular setup is that they actually have a fragrance "cove." That means, unlike most other stores that the fragrance runs all along the outer wall, you don't HAVE to go near them (which would be great for those like my friend Kristen who have some fragrance allergies). Last night I had nothing better to do, so I popped in. There were a couple of girls working that area who were really sweet and had me take this "quiz" set up on a touch screen TV to see what fragrance would best suit me. What it came up with was Gucci Guilty (which I actually liked a lot) and they made me up a sample vial to try out. That is actually the first time I have EVER been offered a sample at Sephora. They also chatted me up about my tattoos and really made me feel welcome. I ended up getting a couple of things that have caught my eye online recently.

Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranite. I tried this one out last night and I think I like it (gave my lips a nice tint which is all it's supposed to do) but I found it hard to apply with my finger. I think I'll get myself a travel lip brush for this one (and by that I mean I'll get a cheap lip brush and throw it in my bag, therefore making it a travel brush)

Bumble South Surf Spray. Not that I have been in an ocean for a looong time, but it is true I liked what the salt water did for my hair's texture. I've made sea slat sprays myself over the years, but wanted to see if this one made my hair feel a little better than just straight up salt (drying!) I'll give this one a go after my shower this morning.

Then it was on to Lush which has been a love (products) and hate (my wallet) relationship for years now. A couple of the girls working are ones that have been there for a long time now and it was nice to chat them up about how things are going. We joked about how they should open a Hello Kitty store in the casino. I think it would do well actually. I mean it IS a tourist spot, and tourists and HK = Love, right? Fun stuff aside. my reason for stopping in was actually to get something scrubby for my face as the summer is making it feel a little too texture-y. Of course you can't buy the essentials without a little splurge, can you?

Dark Angels facial cleanser. It's actually been quite a while since I've given DA a whirl. It's nice and scrubby (and if I'm going to scrub, I like to go big or go home) and has charcoal in it which is good for oil (which I don't really have oily skin, but summer is a sweaty and gross season, right?)

Brazened Honey face mask. This was the second Lush mask and the first I fell in love with. It's scrubby and smells good and made my face nice and soft. My first mask was Cupcake which smells amazing (weird since I don't really like Chocolate and that's the base scent) but didn't do much for my skin (not bad, just not helpful). Doesn't mean I don't buy it now and again for the delicious goodness of smelling it, though:

Yum, I know you're jealous. Ha! Anyway, my last "splurge" purchase was the Gorilla Perfume sampler. Instead of putting out sample bottles of perfume (or in addition to? I forgot to notice) Lush has these scent fans that you literally use to fan ourself and it wafts sent off of them for you to get the idea without spritzing yourself/your friend/the employees/random object in the store. There are a few of these fans that I pick up every time I'm in the store, so I figured why not just get this mini sampler of all the scents? There are a couple I know I wasn't a billion percent into, but for the price (about $20 for the set) it's not a big deal. I mean think about getting a rollerball perfume from Sephora/Ulta/whatever. You probably pay $15-20 for just that one scent. Granted it's a little bigger than these, but you get a variety. I honestly only own a couple of full size perfumes, I much prefer sampler vials like this.

Anyway, that was my night really. I came home and played with Nikki and Teddy while I watched Jeopardy. They did not help with any of the answers. I also rewashed an entire basket of towels that were already clean. Have you ever done that? I forgot to fold them and put them away and didn't even remember ever washing them until I had already loaded them all into the (already filling) washing machine. Oh well, better than using a towel and then remembering I used it to clean the floor or something.

Tonight Matt and I are going out to celebrate our 3rd anniversary (which I talked about a couple of posts back with the flowers, but this will be our dinner we had meant to go to) I bought a couple of new dresses from City Chic to choose from for the occasion. I wanted to do a review of them/OOTD post, but am not going there with my phone camera. I can't wait to see if Matt's brother had any luck with mine and just buy a new one if I have to. 

June 7, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Happy Tuesday! Sorry for not producing the post I was promising from the weekend. We did go to the Saturday Nightmares convention and actually had a really good time. Matt got to meet Bruce Dern (who told him, "Your girl has a nice smile. You better tell her that every day.") The problems started (and thankfully ended) on Saturday morning before we left...

I had gotten a fun floral dress from Torrid a few weeks ago, specifically to wear to the convention. It was spaghetti-strapped and therefore required strapless undergarments. While pulling up to adjust myself into the bra/dress, my hand slipped and I full out punched myself in the nose. It still hurts as I type and I honestly thought I had broken it. I recovered from the embarrassment and pain and continued getting ready, though. I pulled out my trusty camera and snapped a couple of FOTD/OOTD pictures. I set my camera down and plugged it in figuring it would charge and then I would snap a couple more pictures before packing it away. Teddy had other ideas, though. The power cord was just too enticing. Down the camera came, right onto its lens. Matt's brother is currently seeing if he can fix it, but that's why I have none of the pictures I took for you. THEN (there is a then) I got into the car and started to pull out, when I felt something spring into my face. The strap of my dress (my brand new, never worn dress) snapped in the back. I wound up shoving both straps down into the body and wore it as strapless.

Anyway, that's what's up. If Matt's brother can't fix my camera, I'll have to look into getting a new one. I just can't deal with my phone as a camera. Here is why:

Blurry picture of the veggie nachos I made tonight. They were delicious and completely non-blurry irl.

Blurry picture of the NYX items that showed up yesterday. I bought them during the post-disaster sale 50% off promo. I'll probably talk more about these once I get a camera that doesn't suck.

June 1, 2011

Personal Babble

This weekend I'll be going to a horror movie convention with my boyfriend, so hopefully I'll have some new FOTD pictures (and maybe even an outfit picture) after that. The convention thing is not so much "me," but I still dress up because have this need to impress a bunch of total strangers whom I have nothing in common with. They'll be judging me, I know they will.

Anyway! This past weekend was Matt's and my 3rd anniversary together. His grandma became ill and wound up passing away over the last few days, so we weren't able to spend a lot of time together. He did stop by my house on Sunday night with flowers and a gift, though. I thought that was very sweet, especially as he's been so preoccupied. Since the flowers were so pretty, I thought I would share them:

I also wanted to take this time to introduce the newest member of my family, Theodore (Teddy). We actually got him a couple of weeks ago. It's been a bumpy ride as we got him as a "friend" for my other ferret Nikki after another of our ferrets (Tweek) passed away (ferrets don't like being solo). Unfortunately no good deed goes unpunished, Teddy was carrying some virus that wasn't detectable in him, but almost wound up killing Nikki. Several emergency vet visits and force feedings later, Nikki is getting back to normal and Teddy is staying with my in my bedroom while Nikki recovers. Of course this means I have tons of time to take pictures, and take pictures I do!

On the way home for the first time:

Exploring under my couch/bed:

He's been hoarding all my shoes under the couch, there are probably 20 shoes under there right now:

See? He really just loves shoes. He particularly likes these ones:

Hope everyone is doing well and that no one is in any of the areas getting the bad storms right now. One of my childhood bff's is in a tornado zone in Ohio and I worry about her constantly. Luckily she is addicted to posting on Facebook, so it's easy to keep tabs that she's ok.