September 26, 2011

Pink lipstick makes me into a lady

Well, maybe hot pink lipstick isn't all that high class. It's definitely tops on my list, though, as made apparent by the fact that I just don't stop buying it . If it's even a hair of a shade different than one I have, I need it. I don't know if it's more or less of a problem than my problem with purple.

This first one I literally was just trying to do lip swatches on. I don't know who everyone else does such awesome pictures. Mine look weird and you can see all the hairs on my face. Seriously, check the sweet beard in picture #2! Anyway, this is Urban Decay's Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Big Bang. I got it with one of the gift cards that Matt gave me for my birthday. It's kind of a mix between a gloss and a lipstick. A little sticky and not-so-great staying power, but awesome color. You can't even see all the amazing sparkles. I also got a *hides in shame* Kat Von D eyeliner. I have SWORN up and down I wouldn't buy her products, but I did...

And then I wore it in these next pictures. It's dove grey, I haven't seen this color liner in any other brand. I'm so weak. And there also was something going on with my eyes in the first picture. I thought I was cross-eye'd, but now I don't even know what it is. Anyway, the point of these pictures was to show MAC's Rare Exotic mattene (the one from last post) with Big Bang (the one I just talked about, look up!) over it. I have to say, I kind of love it.

So how was everyone's weekend? I spent it watching all of my Inuyasha dvd's. Then I may have ordered 7 more on Amazon... I love that show. 

September 21, 2011

MAC Fall Release Party @ Westfarms Mall

Literally a few days ago (they give you, like, NO notice) I received an email from MAC inviting me to attend the Fall Preview event at my "local" store (which I say loosely because it's an hour away) I try and go to these events when I can because that means you get first dibs on unreleased items. They also give out drinks and finger foods and do makeup demos, but those are personally not my reason for going.

This event spanned 3 collections, 2 of which are actually released already (Posh Paradise and Styledriven) and then 1 which is not out yet (Fall Collection, formerly the Cindy Sherman collection.) To be honest, a lot of the stuff across the board is either permanent at PRO stores or is new but will become permanent (there was very little limited edition product that you needed to rush to get) The hot topic of the releases, though, is Lightscapade MSF which is indeed LE (part of the Fall Collection) and that people have been talking about non-stop. Obviously this item was my mission.

I showed up a little before 7 (which was my time slot to get into the showing) and was very surprised how few people there were. Pleasantly, though, as I wanted to make sure I got what I came there for. Of the people there, it became quickly apparent that I was the only one on a mission who already research everything online and was only there to purchase. Perhaps that made me the bummer of the party, whatevs. I don't like crowds and I like being prepared.

As for things you could have seen at the showing, they had guys going around with fruity cocktails and little finger foods (which looked meat-like, so I couldn't have any if I'd wanted to) There was also a beautiful model with body paint to look like the Posh Paradise logo/plants. I didn't take a picture of her because she was kind of glaring at me.

On to the stuffs!

(I know it's hard to see. That aura of light is what this stuff does, though.)

(Naked Bliss Mattene, Rare Exotic Mattene, Show Orchid Lipstick, Violetta Lipstick)

I was worried Violetta was going to turn out to be too much like a Revlon lipstick I picked up at Ulta last weekend, but turns out they're nothing alike. Above is Violetta on the left and Revlon's Berry Haute on the right.

And of course the makeup of the night. Nothing super fancy, I just wanted to use my Sugarpill Goldilux loose shadow. I think the only MAC I wore to the MAC collection release was the lipstick. Oops. 

September 17, 2011

I have a problem with purple

I think it may be a full blown addition. Is there a PA (Purpleholics Anonymous) group available? I suppose since I'm telling you, it doesn't even need to be all that anonymous.

Just sitting around watching Top Model and waiting to leave for my evening out. It's the season with Bianca (who is now on the current All Stars season as well) and Heather and Chantal. Oh how I did not like Chantal and her terrible haircut.

Last night Matt and I went to see Drive (starring Ryan Gosling, whom I loved from his work on the Mickey Mouse Club...) Before going, I looked up why the movie had an R rating (as I always do, because I just don't watch highly sexual movies) The site I checked said it was R for extreme brutal & bloody violence, language and some nudity (which usually means just a quick scene) I decided I was ok with this and went. After the movie, Matt and I were talking about our post-movie thoughts and I mentioned that I didn't understand the "extreme" in the rating regarding violence. He said I was mentally ill and didn't understand how I didn't think the movie was overly violent, yet I can't deal with sex. Even thought he apologized and said he was joking, it still made me a little sad. That said, I did actually like the movie and am glad I went.

Anyway! You're not here for my movie reviews, you're here for pictures. So pictures you shall have...

Sorry for the no-smiles post. I had some that were really cute but then I had (dun dun dun) lipstick tooth. Ah well.


  • Monistat Anti-Chafe Gel (primer)
  • NARS Deauville and Gobi Sheer Glow Foundations (mixed)
  • Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer
  • Meow Cosmetics Sleek Bengal Mineral Foundation (to set) 
  • MAC Azalea Blossom Blush
  • MAC By Candlelight MSF (my attempt to contour that went sadly wrong)
  • Bobbi Brown Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick


  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer
  • Concealer (no name stuff, used as a base)
  • MAC Seedy Pearl Eyeshadow
  • Inglot 493DS (mid-purple) Eyeshadow
  • Inglot 379 Matte (dark purple) Eyeshadow
  • MAC Pink Opal Pigment
  • Loreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense
  • NYX Crystal Pink Liquid Crystal Liner
  • Urban Decay Zero 24/7 Liner
  • Urban Decay Ransom 24/7 Liner
  • NYX Oyster Jumbo Pencil
  • MAC Blonde's Gold Pigment (brows)
  • Too Faced Lashlight Mascara

  • NYX Pale Pink Lip Liner 
  • MAC Way To Love Lipstick

I also think my hair looks nice today, so here is (part of, it doesn't all fit in a picture) my hair (and a really stupid face):

How is everyone else's weekend going? I have lots to do. I'm going out with Matt tonight, going to see my bff Kristen tomorrow and I RSVP'd to my local MAC's Fall Collection preview party (which actually happens on Tuesday, but I am excited and since I called today, I will count it towards the weekend)

September 8, 2011

Yay me!

I have accomplished the feat of surviving another year of my life. I won't mention exactly how many years that is, I'm not -quite- an antique yet. 

Technically my birthday wasn't all that exciting. I worked a full day and it was all rainy and gloomy. After work we made the decision to hit up Olive Garden for dinner. It wasn't my "official" birthday dinner because my brother wasn't available, but it was something to do. It was nice getting to spend a little time with my mom and Matt, much nicer than the being at work part of the day. My mom gave me her present after dinner and Matt gave me gifts from himself, his brother, his parents and his grandpa. Everyone was really generous, it made me feel very special. 

This bag is from Matt's parents and is what they used as a gift bag. I've been needing a new overnight bag, so it's kind of perfect timing.

The bulk of my loot. The $100 is from my mom to put towards work on my tattoo. Matt's parents got me the two scarves, Bakerella's Cake Pops book and some adorable cupcake gift decorations. Matt got me the movie (the one thing I asked for specifically), 3 Sephora gift cards and an Ulta gift card. The second Ulta gift card is from his grandpa (which is super sweet, I've only met him a couple of times and he didn't need to get me anything)

Then in the mail today, I got a gift certificate from Off The Map Tattoo for $25 as a birthday gift (don't mind the star, I put that there over my name) That means in the span of 24 hours, I became $125 closer to getting more fishy goodness imprinted onto my flesh. Yay! 

I also got a check from my aunt and told my brother that he can take me shopping as his present, lol. He loves it. I think that's a pretty good haul for a grown-up. Not that any of these people are reading my blog, but THANK YOU!!

Oh, and I decided to get completely ridiculous with my makeup for our Olive Garden. I can't even tell you what I used, I just kept piling stuff on until I looked absolutely ridiculous. I tried to put on false lashes, too, but that didn't go so well (why do I suck so bad at lashes?)

PS - Tomorrow is my bff's birthday, we're the same age for a whole two days and then she's back to beating me. I love you Kristen!!

September 3, 2011

A face to bring home to the parents (and grandparents)

Part of Matt's birthday included going to meet his parents and grandpa for dinner. My goal was to keep it simple and appropriate. I don't often reach my goals...


  • NARS Deauville Sheer Glow Foundation
  • Meow Cosmetics Sleek Bengal Mineral Foundation (to set) 
  • Kiss My Sass Violetta Blush
  • Bobbi Brown Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick


  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer
  • Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (lids only)
  • Sugarpill Paperdoll Chromalust 
  • The Balm Feisty Felicia Eyashadow
  • The Balm Devilish Danielle Eyeshadow
  • Loreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense
  • Make Up For Ever 0L Mat Black Aqua Eyes Liner
  • NYX Oyster Jumbo Eye Pencil
  • Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow (brows)
  • Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara

  • MAC Hue Lipstick

September 2, 2011

The Kleancolor Army featuring Captain Milani

Have you ever heard of Kleancolor nail polish? Me neither until about 2 weeks ago. Someone mentioned getting them from for cheap ($1.75/ea) and that they had some nice holo polishes. That's even cheaper than, say, Salley Hansen polish from the drugstore (let alone the OPI, Zoya, Essie and China Glaze I've become accustomed to.)

I found easy to navigate and the color examples were amazingly accurate. The shipping at something like $11 kind of smacked me in the face, but the polishes did arrive safe and in a Priority Mail box. The one thing I read about and experienced was that there was a bit of a crust around the outer neck of the polished when you first open them. I would guess this could happen if the polish lids aren't quiiiiiite tight enough and the polish gets shaken (it comes up and over, but not all the way leaking out) Mine wasn't so severe that I'm worried about it, though, and the polishes are still plenty full (minus the one I dropped when taking the pictures for this post, oops)

Each swatch I am doing is just one coat as modeled next to Hello Kitty's head/hairbow. They will be in the same order as the bottles above. You can tell I'm not a nail swatcher, you can progressively see my finger getting all gross and glittery from each polish I removed. 

Chunky Holo Fuchsia: (no, I don't see how this is "chunky")

Holo Blue:

Chunky Holo Black

Born to the Purple:

Chunky Holo Purple: (no, I don't see how this is "chunky")

Disco Ball: (this is the one that took a spill mid-photographing)

Milani Hi-Tech:

I think every last one of these are going to become layering polished for me. I could see some being ok in a few coats, but I do NOT like being able to see my nail line. (opaque shadows only plz) This is pretty much what I expected, though, and I am looking forward to playing with these more. I really don't get what the difference between chunky holo (except the black which actually is chunky) and normal holo (the blue) is, but perhaps I'm just not polish savvy enough.