March 21, 2012

Public Service Announcement #2

I was a little iffy on posting this one, but thanks to a nudge from the fabulous Anita of Thick Threads!  I am bringing you my second PSA. This one is in regards to skin care products. Now I have heard testimony on both sides, but I am of the thought that a new product should NOT make you worse before it makes you better. I've heard some people say that it's pulling the impurities up and out, but I don't buy it. If something is wreaking havoc on your skin, STOP USING IT. There are plenty of products out there to try, you should not have to suffer with one until it gets better (and I only think it gets better sometimes because you finally build up a tolerance... but why just tolerate your skin care products?)

If you need proof, I give you LUSH's Ocean Salt and my face. Let me preface this by saying that LUSH does say you can use this product on your face as an occasional exfoliant. I also must point out that my skin is not especially sensitive and I have been exfoliating without issues for years. I decided to try Ocean Salt on my face because I looooove how it makes my hands feel so so smooth (if you've never had a hand massage at LUSH, drop what you're doing and go immediately). After one use, my skin felt a little irritated. I assumed it was just the salt and no biggie I'll just moisturize super well. A couple of days later came try #2 and that's when all rash broke loose.

The little bumps were eeeeeverywhere. It reminded me a little of when I break out after eating fresh cranberry (which I have a sensitivity to and am not supposed to eat out of moderation) It's been not quite a week since I took these pictures and I have it down to a mild roar. There are still some unhappy areas on my cheek/jaw, but my forehead is completely cleared. I went back to using my Yes To products (right now I have Carrots and Blueberries) and really should just stick with them. 

All of this said, please don't think I'm badmouthing LUSH (love LUSH) or even Ocean Salt (did I not tell you to run and get a hand massage with this stuff?) It's just a product that didn't love my face and I should have backed away from after the first use didn't feel quite right. Beauty isn't an exact science, it's a lot of trial and error. There is so much on the market, though, that you shouldn't have to suffer along with a product that doesn't work for you. And above all else if your product hurts you, kick it to the curb. I wouldn't let a person beat me up, so I'm damn well not about give in to a face scrub...

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  1. That sucks! I agree that if you are having a bad reaction to a product you should stop using it immediately! Thanks for sharing this with us!