May 15, 2012

Cape Cod 2012 (part 2)

Day 3 of my trip to Cape Cod started with putting on my very favorite outfit of the trip. I found this dress at ModCloth and just felt really prettyful all day. 

Then it was off to play some mid-day mini-golf at an awesome Pirate-themed course I'd spotted last trip. It's been my goal for a year and a half now to go.

Matt said not to take any pictures of him, but I accidentally got his back in this one... don't tell.

The Guardian of the Gift Shop:

After mini-golf, it was off to Provincetown with Matt's parents. His mom and I stopped in a jewelry store called Zinnia where she accidentally got locked in last year when they closed. This time everyone made it out without incident and I scored a great statement necklace (with matching earrings) If you're ever in Provincetown and they're open, stop in. This set cost me $20 and the staff there are amazingly sweet.

Down the street from Zinnia, I found the West End Salon. If any of you watch Tabatha's Salon Takeover on Bravo, you may have seen it. I just stood outside squealing about how I could hear Dougie answering the phones, but never did go in.

By the time we left Provincetown, it was getting late. We ate dinner closer to where we were staying and called it a night. The next morning, Matt and I said goodbye to his parents (who are still in Cape Code as I type) to do some adventuring before heading home. Our first stop was Fort Hill in Eastham where we took a walk.

Then to the Nauset Light Beach in Eastham where I spent way too much time running towards the water and then running away when it touched me (it was cold!) This was not coincidentally the same thing all the other 3-12 year old kids were doing...

And finally to the Coast Guard Beach in Eastham. By the time we got here, I was pretty exhausted and thirsty, so we didn't go far (and in fact didn't even go to the beach, but down towards the bike trails)

We ended our time there by getting some delicious seafood (shrimp for me, clams for him) and then heading home. I miss being there already and definitely recommend going if you can (perhaps during the "off" season so as to avoid flocks of people) 

(This is just my portion of the driving. Matt's dad drove us around a lot)


  1. That dress is fantastic! I need a dress like that that in my life. I'd wear it all the time.

    1. That necklace is pretty amazing too.

    2. Thank you! I wish I could afford more things from ModCloth. Of course the ones that catch my eye are always like $180 which is a little much for me right now