July 8, 2012

MAC Lipstick Line-Up

Judging by what I have in my collection, I think it is safe to say that MAC lipsticks are my favorite. I have more of them than a girl who can't wear lipstuffs properly should (I can't go two hours without drinking something and ruining my lipstick), but I keep buying more. The color selection is awesome and while MAC doesn't usually venture off into the "odd" (blue, yellow, black, green... which they have done, it's just not part of their permanent lineup), neither do I. In the past month, I have procured 3 new lipsticks and that seemed like the right amount to warrant a post for them, right?

The first one I got when I was at my cousin's graduation (well, not AT the graduation, but during the weekend in which I was visiting) My mom actually helped pick this one out and I have gotten compliments on the color as recently as yesterday.

MAC Impassioned (Amplified Creme):

The other two I actually just got yesterday at the mall. One was free thanks to Back 2 MAC and I am happy with my choices. Btw I took all these these pictures (above and below) last night after being out all day. I thought I looked a little less haggard than I apparently did. Oops. 

MAC Plink! (Luster) (I think this one might be a MLBB shade... finally!):

MAC Cut A Caper (Luster):

As we were walking past the Disney Store, Matt pointed out a stand-up of Merida (Brave) and said that I looked like her. While I'm no dead-ringer for sure, it's nice to finally have a Disney lady who can be my pseudo-match. I've never been an Ariel/Little Mermaid, she was just too unattainably beautiful. Merida is more real looking and close to my own heritage (Scottish is closer to German than Mermaid, yes?) I think this girl is the actual winner for being a doppleganger, though. Matt also dubbed my bff as a Disney lady, too, though even more unconventional than mine. Kristen is apparently Ponyo. One of my favorite shots is when she eats the ham, it makes me lol (just like Kristen makes me laugh a lot, so I guess it's a good fit)

This week Kristen and I are heading off to Ohio to attend (and be in!) a wedding for another of our closest friends. Wish me luck and I hope to be able to scrounge a post or two's worth of pictures out of the trip!


  1. You are totally an Ariel! She's Danish so that's close to German no?

  2. That is true! I didn't know if the water under a country still counted as that country. Like are the fish near me Connecticut...ian, too? lol