April 27, 2012

She said it would go better with my 'old-time thingamajigs'

Thanks to Matt and his parents, I have been introduced to the interesting and sometimes odd world of antique stores. I'd never been to one before going with them and I have to say, I kind of like it. It's like a cross between a yard sale and a thrift store and umm... something else.

Last weekend, we went to a shop in Rhode Island where James Woods has a booth. Matt is a huge fan and even I can't deny the man is pretty awesome in such things as Disney's Hercules. It was exciting to meet him for sure. Matt got an autograph and some pictures while I stood back. When he noticed me, though, he told Matt he was lucky to have me and shouldn't bother playing the lottery ever because he already won his prize for his lifetime. It was totally sweet and not at all what I expected from him (which was apparently to throw me into the Styx or watch me jump out of the window and impale myself on a wrought iron fence a la Virgin Suicides) After that, we shopped around (though not in James Woods's booth, he does more in the antique paintings field which is not something I'm in the market for) and I found this cute suitcase with fishies on it:

Then at a second shop, I found a booth selling cheap jewelry. Being a girly-girl, I can't resist pretty sparkly things. I wound up with 3 rings and a brooch for like $12 total:

I also scored some other awesome non-antique store things over the weekend including a turquoise purse for 40% off at Kohls, a dress for 60% off at Kohls and these a-mazing shoes on clearance from Torrid:

This weekend is shaping up to be much less successful. I just got home from Sephora where I went to check out their new Instant Airbrush Foundation. It was absolutely awful (which is a bummer because I still don't have a foundation I'm in love with) I actually just did a review on Sephora.com because it was so bad. All three shades were mid-toned and orange. There was nothing for fair skin and there was nothing for dark skin. It honestly could be advertised as the perfect foundation for those already using tan-in-a-can, but that's about it. Guess the search goes on...

April 18, 2012

What's the point of Wednesdays?

Wednesday has always been my least favorite day (but my second favorite Addams) It just means that my work week is only half over even though it feels like I've been there 40 hours already. There is also nothing good on tv on Wednesdays any more, so I decided to take a 2 hour nap. Probably not the best idea.

This post is actually an add-on to my last (even though it's been like 2 weeks) as it's the makeup I was wearing at the casino when I purchased my new lip stain. It's not my favorite, but I wanted to play with my Sugarpill Royal Sugar Chromalust and Meow Cosmetics Eyeliner Sealant. I'm not very good at getting the Sugarpill loose shadows to work on me as a shadow, so this actually was nice to find as an alternative use. Now I just need to learn to liner a little thinner and less messy with it...

(my lashes look better with blue on top anyway...)

On a totally unrelated note, I was told by a CVS pharmacy lady today that I don't look the kind of girl to have "THOSE tattoos." I don't know what that even means. Then the girl at the cash register asked me if they hurt and proceeded to pet my arm (which is better than the person at my local Starbucks who pulled my arm over the counter to see them closer/better) I have confrontation issues and can't just tell these people that grabbing my arm isn't cool for some reason, but I'm not entirely sure why I would have to. I know I am adorable, but do I really look like a sheep in a petting zoo?

April 8, 2012

Even tangerines don't make me want to tango

In a rare instance of awesome, I got to see my bestie Kristen last week. We met up at the Mohegan Sun casino for shopping and dinner (if you ever go, seriously eat at Sol Toro and get the nachos) I had a Sephora VIB discount coupon burning a hole in my pocket and while 15% isn't a huge discount, it was enough to entice me in to have a looksie around. I had been especially interested in the Sephora/Pantone collaboration. Glad I didn't order online, though, as I found the blush to be a glitterbomb mess and the lipstick was just run of the mill. That left me feeling a little down in the tangerine dumps, though, so I had to get a little more creative in my looking. By that I just mean checking other brands' normal lines. What I wound up finding was a Josie Maran Lip Stain Marker in a shade called Jive. Sephora calls it coral pink. I guess that's right-ish? I'm awful with colors.

This is absolutely a stain in the literal sense. Meaning no moisturizing properties to be found. Meaning prep your lips with a scrub before applying unless you like seeing every chunk of chapped skin defined. It's super precise to apply with the magic marker-style tip, though. As far as wear goes, it does last a decent amount of time. I applied around 4pm on Thursday (which is when I took these pictures) By the time I got back home around 9 (having both eaten and drank through a straw in this time) I could still see the color, though not as vibrant any more. As it wears, it is going to do so in the middle before the edges. I found using a lip balm kind of helped blur the color so it didn't look like I was just wearing bold lip liner on its own.

April 3, 2012

I'm coming all right, if only to be obnoxious

Once a year, my work does this big annual 4-day sale. It's huge thing for the company, but leaves little time to do more than breathe and consume excessive amounts of coffee. Very glad it's over, though I'm actually going to be working even more hours this week by the time it's done. That's my long way of saying hi, I missed you. I tried to go through my reading list as best as I could, though. Don't hate me if I missed something, though, k?

Makeup and I haven't been great friends lately, I just don't like anything new that I try. I keep seeing all these looks I want to recreate (and I have a folder full of them) but they never look right. I just can't get the crisp lines and blending (without over blending) that some of my inspiration photos require. I haven't given up, but am feeling pretty discouraged. Just to make sure I hadn't totally lost it, I went back to an old standby this afternoon. So here, for your repeat viewing pleasure, is something involving purple:

(I love this shirt)

People have been talking lately about how I am so good with makeup and how it's what I went to school for and so on and so forth. It has honestly just been more of a bummer because I feel like I DID go to school for this, so I SHOULD be better (even if my school was junktastic and I learned nothing whatsoever) *sigh*

I leave you with this picture that I just thought looked kind of cool. I have a small collection of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff and this bobble-headed Jack was next to my candle the other day: