January 27, 2013

Goodbye Cupcake

This weekend I said "see you later" to my best friend and fun-sized twinsie. Kristen has moved on to hopefully bigger and better things and while I am sad she is gone, I am happy for what is to come. The silver lining (thanks BCoop and JLaw) is that she's still only 6 hours away, so now I can go and visit her and make a whole mini-vacation out of it! We spent Friday night/Saturday morning hanging out one last time. She left this morning (Sunday) and as of about 45 minutes ago she had successfully completed her trip.

Kristen - When you read this (and I know you will) I just wanted to say that I <3 you billions. Say hi to your family for me!

Because this is a post for Kristen, I'm going to talk about something we both were curious about yesterday - what does OCC Lip Tar in Feathered look like on its own?

The answer is, "terrible." I hope I am expressing it through the concern in my face in the last picture. Luckily I did not buy it to wear on its own, rather to mix into the Lip Tars I already have (which thanks to Kristen I now have Anime as well!) to make fun new colors. Or a mess. Whichever comes first.

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