January 25, 2014

Graze Box #2

I decided I didn't want to post every Graze box I received because that would require too much effort. I instead decided I would get a few, try everything and then post my thoughts in a clump. So here is my clump. Of snacks. Sounds delicious, right?

Btw I don't think anyone ever used any of my friend codes. I don't know if you still need them to subscribe, but if anyone wants one: https://www.graze.com/us/p/CASSAN46U.

Chili & Honey Almonds: I licked one before deciding it was too spicy and I don't even like almonds. Why did I let them send this?

Super Berry Detox: This one is all fruit so I thought I would love it. I was incorrect. It had a really wonky grainy texture as you chewed and I am not down with green raisins. Raisins should be purple.

Mango Chutney: I was torn on this one as the actual chutney was fairly tasty, but then they give you these over peppery cracker tubes that leave a terrible after taste in your mouth. Seemed wasteful to let them send it again when I know I would throw over half the contents away.

Chocolate Orange: Kind of like those chocolate oranges that you can thwack on the table and they separate into slices. Which is to say gross. I already know I don't like this stuff yet I didn't take it off my profile because I'm a genius.

Cookies & Cream: Still not winning. Chocolate cookie pieces (I don't really like chocolate) and seeds. Seeds are still an iffy thing for me. I'm not a cockatiel.

Bonnie Wee Oatbakes: And so we breathe a sigh of relief, there is something I will eat. And it's onions. I LOVE onions. The little oatcake crackers were pretty good, too. Cheese and chive is what Graze's website is telling me.

Garden of England: If some of these pictures look wonky, it's because my postal person totally squished my Graze box. He's usually good, but this one looks like it got stepped in. As for this fruit concoction? Gross. Dried strawberries are a terrible invention and whoever came up with them should be fired. From life.

Fruit & Seed Flapjack: Again, smushed. I guess it's fitting as it IS called a flapjack. Luckily I wasn't too crushed by it (haha, that was unintentional but I'm leaving it) because I just couldn't even try this one. It was seeds and it looked like what I used to feed the animals at the pet store and I just couldn't do it.

Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack: Not crushed. Not bad. Tasted just like an apple cinnamon oatmeal bar would be expected to taste. Not innovative, but from everything above I am guessing maybe I am not good with innovative anyway.

Salt & Vinegar Nut Selection: Not innovative. Not good. Maybe if it was only peanuts I could have done it, but this almond nonsense was right out.

Coco Paradise:  Surprisingly OK. I don't usually like chocolate or coconut, but I do love crasins (and don't kid, that's what these are even if they can't say so)

My Thai: I thought this would be too much like the nasty cracker sombrero things from my first Graze box, but they were acceptable. And the sweet chili sauce was delicious. I would consume this again.

Herby Bread Basket: SO GOOD. It was like a tiny Italian bread basket in a little package. A bit salty, but I can deal with that. The little garlic crostini things, though… I need more.

Walnut & Vanilla Truffle: This one I was kind of on the fence on. I think I don't hate walnuts, I learned that! But I do hate seeds so vanilla pumpkin seeds, you ruined life.

Boston Baguettes: Perhaps it's my New England bias, but this is likely the best thing I have been sent. I apparently only like the crackers. This is probably why I am fat. But it has bbq sauce guys. Everything that has bbq sauce is better. Unless it's meat. Well, I guess it's still better, but I'm not going to eat it.

Inspired by Tropical Daiquiri: Once again I suck at ordering my pictures and am ending on a bad note. I opened this package and it smelled like nasty fruity cleaner. I couldn't even try it, just no. Was this toxic? I feel like someone was pranking me…

I haven't given up on Graze yet, but I have a feeling I'll probably only last until I have sampled everything once and then I'll be done. I'm just too finicky for things like this.

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