February 4, 2014

Weekend Makeups

Does anyone else watch Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood? I'm so obsessed, I think I'm 16.

I'm just sitting around watching tv and waiting for the next snowstorm. We're supposed to get 2 more within the week. I don't really mind, though I did just wash my car on Saturday and now that $8 for the automated carwash is wasted. I'm cheap. Anyway, I did some stuff over this past weekend. Nothing exciting, but I decided I wanted to dress like I was going to do something that mattered and that included makeup of course.

Not sure why these pictures have my forehead looking shiny as hell. Especially since that has been a dry/itchy/peel-y area this winter. Otherwise I liked this, though.

I used LIT Cosmetics glitter in Barbie Shops over Sugarpill Birthday Girl. It was inspired by Lauren/Queen Of Blending. So pretty (both her and the combo) Way better irl, though I think this picture came out ok (still sans the shiny forehead, just look away):

Then there is Sunday's makeup which I very VERY loosely based off something I saw on Sugarpill's Instagram. By that I mean it would have been closer had I done a less sucky job. But my hair looked kind of cool and in the end I still liked it. In fact I felt downright pretty until Matt asked me what was "wrong" with my eyes. *sigh* boys. Also my camera decided it wanted to use natural lighting for once, so I let it do its thing.

Except obviously this one, though please note that my forehead is suddenly back to normal. Wtf Saturday...

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. Stay safe anyone who has an impending storm, though I think maybe that's just me. Yay New England!

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